Sinéad, though not implied by her very Irish name, was born in the vibrant and culturally rich nation of Trinidad and Tobago. In her formative years, the double International Scholarship winner was awarded two prestigious open Science scholarships which enabled her to embark on her courageous journey overseas where she graduated with Honours from Trinity College Dublin. Since then, her commitment to the fields of Surgery and Education have been married in her numerous appointments to date including Assistant Professor of Surgery at Trinity College and Education Lead NCHD at Beacon Hospital. Sinéad is a published author of several high-quality research articles, represents Ireland on the international stage as hospital and national leads for global collaborative studies and is a verified peer reviewer for several prominent Surgical journals. Ms. Ramjit’s pursuit of excellence has earned her the prominent ALSGBI Laparoscopic Surgery Prize from ASiT in Scotland and an IRCAD Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery in France. She has earned a Masters in Surgery, further honing her surgical skills, a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education, equipping her to be an effective educator and a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Leadership, highlighting her aptitude for leadership and strategic thinking. Through the ISTG, this trailblazing General Surgery Trainee hopes to continue to make a real impact on the surgical training landscape in Ireland, right now, and in many years to come!