The following roles are available for the 2022/2023 ISTG committee. If you are interested in applying for any of these roles, please forward a personal statement as to why you are suitable for the role to Please make sure to mention the role for which you are applying, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Subspecialty Reps:

Speciality Reps are responsible for liaising with trainees within their specialty, promoting events, attending all specialty committee meetings or appointing a designated person to attend on their behalf, raising trainee issues with their respective committees, and relaying information from meetings to the trainees

CST1 Rep:

The CST 1 Rep is responsible for liaising with CST year 1 trainees, promoting events, attending all CST committee meetings or appointing a designated person to attend on their behalf, raising CST1 trainee issues with the committee, and relaying information from meetings to the trainees

CST2 Rep:

As for CST1 Rep but for year 2 trainees

ISTG Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for taking ISTG committee meeting minutes and circulating these to committee members, working with the president and vice-president to assemble an agenda before each meeting, and scheduling of the virtual meetings

ISTG Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for lodging and recording each financial transaction, providing receipts, administration and management of income expenditure, providing reports on financial affairs of the committee when required, acting as a liaison with financial institutions, and ensuring prompt payment of vendors and speakers

Public Relations Officers (PROs)

PROs are responsible for all email communication from the ISTG, and keeping social media up to date, especially during key events throughout the year. PROs will also liaise and work with the podcast team to publish episodes once they are available

ISTG Website Manager

The website manager will be required to update and maintain the website

Podcast Team

The ISTG podcast is an exciting new venture for the committee. To date, episodes have been hosted by current Vice-president Jessica Ryan, and produced by President Michael Flanagan. In the future, Hosts will vary depending on episode content, and will perform their own research prior to production

Producer/project manager: Planning recording sessions, booking rooms within the college, liaising with hosts, ensuring timely production and release of episodes

Audio Engineer: Recording episodes, and working with the podcast editor within the college

Editor: Already appointed within the college

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